Tuesday, September 1, 2009

HTML in class

So far in class we're learning how HTML works, what it stands for and how to create html documents. I already know the general layout and how to create html documents from a website my friend linked me to ( http://www.w3schools.com/ ). I'm hoping and expecting to learn more than what I already know from the website already. Right now all we've discussed in class are the beginning elements such as html, head, body and title. We've learned how to end them as well (/html, /head, /body and /title). We've already been assigned to create an HTML document with these elements and write about what career choice we want to go into or are thinking about. I added a little bit of extra things, which I removed before turning in. Such as making my actual career choice name in red and placing dd elements before paragraphs to indent them. However I kept the HTML link referance to the website I got the information on. Maybe I will leave them on next time to make it look more organized, but I don't want to be docked points for overacheiving.

Sorry, I couldn't add the < or > brackets into the text. It gave me an error.

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