Friday, September 18, 2009

HTML Hyperlinks

We just officially figured out how to link other websites into our webpages. The code looks like this {a href="LINK"> Hotspit{/a}. I knew this before, but now I'm allowed to actually put it into my career and favorites page. I already had one link I forget to get rid of in my Career page, so I just left it there and only had to insert only two other links for my assignment. I chose to link the google definition ( for when it said Undergraduate Degree. I linked the google defintion ( Osteopathic Medicine when I used those two words as well. My third link was to where I got all the imformation from in the first place ( With my favorites page, my background was blue, so unvisited links could not be seen so I had to search up and find how to change link color. I eventually did and found it was an attribute to the Body tag (Link="#------" for unvisited links and Vlink="#------" for visited links).

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Attributes and other elements.

We are currently learning about attributes. We've learned the width of the horizontal line attribute, the background color, text color and text alignment attributes. We've had to apply all of these attributes to our career page right after learning it. For my background I chose the color black. The code for black is #000000. The text color I chose was white, which is #FFFFFF. I made my two headlines centered (My career name at the very top and the educational requirements near the middle, but close to the top). Under my centered career occupation name I had a horizontal line which I changed to be the width of 50%. The width percentage applies to any monitor (whether you have a 22 inch monitor or a 15 inch monitor). So far I think my career page is looking very nice with its background color, text color, lists and other things. I would upload the text document so that I could download it wherever I go to add and edit it, but I don't know how to upload onto blogger or even think thats a possibility. So I think I will stick to e-mailing myself the attached document.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

HTML in class

So far in class we're learning how HTML works, what it stands for and how to create html documents. I already know the general layout and how to create html documents from a website my friend linked me to ( ). I'm hoping and expecting to learn more than what I already know from the website already. Right now all we've discussed in class are the beginning elements such as html, head, body and title. We've learned how to end them as well (/html, /head, /body and /title). We've already been assigned to create an HTML document with these elements and write about what career choice we want to go into or are thinking about. I added a little bit of extra things, which I removed before turning in. Such as making my actual career choice name in red and placing dd elements before paragraphs to indent them. However I kept the HTML link referance to the website I got the information on. Maybe I will leave them on next time to make it look more organized, but I don't want to be docked points for overacheiving.

Sorry, I couldn't add the < or > brackets into the text. It gave me an error.

First Blog Entry

This is my first blog post entry. A few days ago (or last class period), we learned how to create a blogger account and what blogs are and how they work. We also learned how to categorize websites into several large categories. The categories include: Personal, commercial, informative, educational and government. Along with this we had vocabulary we had to write down and learn. The link to the vocabulary (1st week) is found at:
I'm curious to use HTML in my blogging posts which I will test sometime in the future. Maybe I will publish entire entries all in HTML so I can see if it will allow me to set backgrounds, change colors in text and do other cool things.